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PI Inc.
Physical Address
1712 Congress Parkway
Athens, TN 37303
Mailing Address
P.O. Box 669
Athens, TN 37371-0669

1-888-370-7677 ext. 4267

PI Custom Molding can provide both high pressure and structural foam injection-molded products, with presses ranging from 28 to 1500 ton.
PICM is ISO 9001:2000 certified.
Sealtech is a custom "RF Welder" with machines ranging in size from 4 kW to 240 kW. They can manufacturer parts ranging from 1"x1" to 5'x12'. They service the medical, military, automotive, seating, recreational, aerospace and safety industries. With design engineers on staff, drafting support on site, they can take your product from concept to reality. In addition to being FDA approved, following GMP standards, in 2000, Sealtech became ISO 9001:2000 certified.
CarvCraft Custom Painting.
CarvCraft supplies the upholstered furniture industry with injection-molded and wood components. CarvCraft customers were asked in a recent survey why they shop with CarvCraft. Overwhelmingly, the answer was quality, price and customer service. Our reputation as a TOP QUALITY supplier to the industry keeps our customers coming back.
Hydra Pools is a manufacturer of structural polymer panels and braces, vinyl liners, steps, coping and skimmers for in-ground swimming pools. They supply complete package pool kits to the swimming pool market place.
Ralide is the world's largest manufacturer of saddle trees and stirrups. In fact, over 50% of all saddles sold in the U.S. each year are built on Ralide trees.
PI Outdoors is a manufacturer of high quality and well-engineered dry storage and floatation devices. Sold under the GAIA brand name, their team pulls from many years of experience in manufacturing for the outdoor, recreational, and military industry. Through the process of "RF Welding", they are able to deliver truly waterproof storage and leak-proof floatation units that meet and exceed any other products available today.
Pakster Poultry Products.
PI-Homecraft offers lawn edging accessories with their BorderEdge line, and cord storage accessories with their CordMates line of products.
PI-Medical was added to manufacture a quality body bag utilizing the same time tested RF welding technology. Our "Body Vue" bag was the first of its kind on the market providing viewing capability without exposure, and has become the standard in the industry. ISO 9001:2000 certified
PI-PTP Professional Therapy Products was established in 1991 as a division of PI, Inc. to serve the needs of health care practitioners with a corporate mission to further develop new and unique products such as our Hot/Cold therapy packs, known as SofTouch and cold + pressure sleeves, known as CP/CP2. ISO 9001:2000 certified
Evans Branch
Guaranteed Waterproof...Guaranteed For Life. Evans Branch develops and manufactures waterproof gear specially designed for the outdoor sportsman.
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